Thank You… but we still need your help!

Wild Horse Education

UPDATE: This update is intended to inform.

We want to take a moment to all of you that have signed, called and otherwise supported our effort to address the underlying issues in public land management that encompass our wild horses and burros. Those issues are deep, complex and are rooted in manipulation and corruption. They create what we call the “hamster wheel of advocacy,” a non stop cycle of a perpetuation of propaganda that benefits those that see dollar signs, not appropriate action, as the goal.

That is the reality that threatens our wild horses more than any other factor; all sides are  responsible. Each entity in management is made up of individuals; the good, bad and the ugly. The lack of integrity in many individuals perpetuates the lack of integrity in practice.

drought_d_bm_004 Water haul for livestock in the Diamond Complex prior to grazing restrictions being implemented. It’s not wild…

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