Time to ban horsemeat trade in all of North America, as investigation in Mexico uncovers horse sold as beef

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Wayne Pacelle as published on A Humane Nation

“A new study in six Mexican cities has found horsemeat in nearly 10 percent of meat products that are being sold as beef…”

American horses and burros, both wild and domestic, are NOT food animals. – photo by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Mexico is forging ahead on animal protection. Earlier this year, its Congress made dogfighting a felony throughout the nation. Mexico City adopted an extraordinary charter on animal protection. A number of major food retailers in Mexico have said they will change their purchasing practices to stop buying eggs and pork from operations that confine hens and pigs in small confinement cages and crates. Our Humane Society International/Mexico office and partner organizations are working hard to keep this important and strategic country trending in the right direction and to also crack down on other abuses of animals.

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Risky Infant Cereal Contains High Levels of Mercury, say Scientists

mercury-in-infant-rice-cereal.jpgThe American Chemical Society is reporting that scientists have uncovered high levels of methylmercury in some types of infant cereals. This presents a potential health risk to infants whose brains…

Source: Risky Infant Cereal Contains High Levels of Mercury, say Scientists

Arsenic uncovered in Big Food brands of baby food

Another distressing finding during testing of the most popular Big Food brands of baby food:  arsenic. . The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit group that works for clarity in labeling, tested a wide…

Source: Arsenic uncovered in Big Food brands of baby food

Petition · Toà án nhân dân tỉnh Kiên Giang: Vietnam dog, Mina – A petition for Mina’s owner to give up her rights to Mina. · Change.org

 Showing her cutting off the right paw 


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Petition · Bourne Leisure: Warner Hotels Must Ditch the Cages! · Change.org


Halloween and Fireworks Safety Snaps – Fun Giveaway Competition – Katzenworld

Halloween and Fireworks Safety Snaps – Fun Giveaway Competition Like most folks, we love the fun and festivities of Halloween and November 5th Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK. But our cats don’t – at all.… More

Source: Halloween and Fireworks Safety Snaps – Fun Giveaway Competition – Katzenworld

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