“A Roaring Trade?”

International Wildlife Bond

Banner image courtesy of Mark Boulton, Elsa Trust and Elsamere

Back in August 2017, IWB and the Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) questioned if the Republic of South Africa, Department: Environmental Affairs (DEA) could provide conclusive science that showed its “800 skeletons” lion bone trade quota does not pose a continent wide threat to wild lions in their home ranges (and wild tiger species in Asia), by perpetuating the demand for these species for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In a research study published on 24 October 2017 – “A roaring trade? The legal trade in Panthera leo bones from Africa to East-Southeast Asiathe researchers have investigated the formation and the murky (criminal syndicate ridden) history of the lion bone trade’s growth, concluding:

In African lion range states with no farmed lions, and/or those with smaller and/or less protected wild populations, vulnerability to poaching is…

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