Petition: Save my dogs from Destruction, United Kingdom

Please sign this petition by October 25th 2017….. her court date is October 26th 2017

Petition: Help End the Cruel Bear Shows in Russia

Petition: Help Find the Criminals Who Are Renting Out Baby Lions in France

Petition: Labor: Don’t Renege on Your Promise to Protect the Great Barrier Reef

Petition: Demand an end to community cat bounty hunting in Australia, Australia

Petition: Join 1000 Cities: Reject Fossil Fuels and Move to 100% Renewable Energy

Petition: End Cruel Canned Exotic Animal Hunts in Texas

Petition: Demand Significant Prison Time for Deranged Poachers in Washington State

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Petition · Allow Esther the Wonder Pig to Receive Emergency Treatment and Return Home ·

River Bend Nuclear Disaster Would Give New Meaning To LSU Death Valley – Comment Deadline Monday Night (10:59 PM Central Daylight Time)

Mining Awareness +

At around 34 miles from River Bend Nuclear Power Station, LSU is well within the 50 mile fallout zone designated by the US government for a nuclear disaster, as seen on the map further below. Exactly where radioactive materials fall in a nuclear disaster depends upon things such as wind direction and rain. LSU has over 30,000 students and over 16,000 faculty and staff. The smaller Southern University is even closer to River Bend. River Bend and other nuclear power stations are legally allowed to discharge radioactive materials into the environment on an ongoing basis, as well. Some of these continue to accumulate in the environment.

As of 2013, “The total economic impact of local LSU institutions on the Baton Rouge metropolitan statistical area, or MSA, is $2.1 billion in sales, $764 million in earnings and more than 21,400 jobs.” This appears to exclude LSU athletics which…

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