Adopted Dog Found Starving to Death Deserves Justice

A dog named Rudy was reportedly found emaciated after his owner had adopted him then allowed him to starve for months. Every bone in the poor dog’s body was visible. Please sign this petition to demand justice for Rudy.

Source: Adopted Dog Found Starving to Death Deserves Justice

Save Endangered Hummingbird

The population of hummingbirds is declining rapidly, with nine species in particular on the brink of extinction. Hummingbirds play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their loss would create a ripple effect that would negatively impact the planet as a whole. Sign this petition to help save these birds from dying off completely.

Source: Save Endangered Hummingbird

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Petition ~ 2017: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

For years, a town has thrown turkeys from planes and watched them plummet to their deaths at an annual festival. This tradition is both horrifically violent and an illegal act of animal cruelty. Prevent turkeys from being killed at this year’s festivities by signing the petition.

Source: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

Petition ~2017: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Turkeys will be legally dropped from airplanes for spectacle at an annual festival. These poor animals will be kept in a noisy cargo hold and then tossed from 500 feet in the air. Demand that a stop be put to this horrendous crime against animals.

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Oppose Continued Torture of Turkeys in Nightmare Arkansas Festival!

Exposing the Big Game

[What kind of twisted species would hurl live turkeys from airplanes? It underscores their disrespect for the animals whose death they celebrate every fall.]

Every October, the city of Yellville, Arkansas, holds its annual Turkey Trot, an event that includes the notorious “turkey drop.” This year was no exception, as live domestically bred wild turkeys—who normally would fly only short distances and low to the ground—were hurled from an airplane, the courthouse roof, buildings, and the festival stage into the clutches of a frenzied crowd. Thankfully, four birds were rescued by local PETA supporters and provided with veterinary treatment, and they’re currently safe in foster care. More information about this year’s sadistic event can be viewed here.

Once again, please urge Yellville officials to end this cruelty, which is a blight on the entire state—then forward this alert to everyone you know.

The Honorable Clinton L…

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Petition: Don’t Ban To Kill A Mockingbird

Petition: Save Thousands of Penguin Chicks from Starving to Death

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