Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Offshore Louisiana: LLOG Exploration Estimates Quantity as 7,950 to 9,350 Barrels

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At least oil spills can be seen, unlike the legal and illegal lethal discharges from nuclear power stations and the entire nuclear fuel chain.

BP Oil Spill 2010: Dr. Brian Stacy, NOAA veterinarian, prepares to clean an oiled Kemp’s Ridley turtle. (Photo: NOAA and Georgia Dept of Natural Resources)

BSEE Responds to Oil Release in the Gulf of Mexico
NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is responding to a report from LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC of an oil release from subsea infrastructure in 4,463 feet water depth in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 40 miles southeast of Venice, La.

The offshore oil and gas operator, LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC reported to BSEE that production from the field that flows through the subsea infrastructure is shut-in at this time. The release of oil has ceased. A sheen was observed and reported through…

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So you want to win this scratch tree? Then read on… – Katzenworld

Hi everyone, It’s me Oliver again. : D Just in case you missed our review of the cat scratch tree that the giveaway info included I thought it would be best to share this again… More

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In Memoriam ~ Tony the Tiger 2000 – 2017

No words… From The Animal Legal Defense Fund: We are deeply saddened to share the death of Tony, the Siberian-Bengal tiger held captive in the Tiger Truck Stop parking lot in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.

Thank you to everyone who donated,boycotted, protested and sign petitions!

Source: In Memoriam ~ Tony the Tiger 2000 – 2017

Add your name to demand the EPA stop Dow Chemical from poisoning our children!

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Public health advocates and the EPA have been pushing to ban the use of the harmful pesticide chlorpyrifos for years. But even with substantial evidence that chlorpyrifos can interfere with children’s brain development and expose farmworkers to serious health risks, Dow Chemical – a company that sells these harmful pesticides regardless of the dangerous consequences – has been pushing the Trump administration to ignore the facts and let this poisoning continue unchecked.

Now, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is siding with Dow instead of the American people, reversing a proposed ban to prevent the use of this hazardous chemical on our food. We can’t stand idly by as Dow Chemical buys its way into the ear of Donald Trump to keep destroying our people and our planet with these highly toxic chemicals.

Scientists agree this pesticide shouldn’t be anywhere near the foods we eat, and even doctors are speaking out against this dangerous decision. The EPA exists to protect Americans – but under Scott Pruitt, all it’s doing is protecting the profits of corporations like Dow at the expense of everyone else. We need 100,000 people to speak out and show the EPA that we won’t stand for this dangerous scheme.

Add your name to demand the EPA stop Dow Chemical from poisoning our children!
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Petition : Waive GoFundMe fees for Sonoma & Napa fire survivors ·

Petition · Popeyes: Tell Popeyes Chicken: End the Cruelty Now ·

Petition Update · No justice for puppies abused to death · Petition is still open please sign /

Man gets no jail sentence or fine for abusing puppies to death. We demand strict penalty

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Petition update
No justice for puppies abused to death
Jenny Rolness
Florø, Norway

Oct 16, 2017 — Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition.

Sadly the verdict was today approved by the state solicitor. It is a tragic fact that this animal abuser will not serve a day in prison, he will not be fined and he will be allowed to keep dogs again in 5 years. In the meantime he can have other animals.

We are so sorry we couldn’t achieve some kind of justice for the 8 poor puppies who were abused, 7 of them to their death. All we can do now is to use this disgraceful case for what it is worth and work for better legal protection for animals. We hope the world will be aware of how Norway betrays animals and protect their abusers more than the victims.
Nancy Keiter
charles sutton
50 mins ago
No justice for abused and killed puppies

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,774 needed to reach 35,000

UPDATEpetition is still openSo you can still, they may try to reopen this  caseSo please sign
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Petition · Hordaland Statsadvokatembeter: Norwegian gets no jail sentence for abusing puppy to death. We demand stronger penalty ·

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Petition update · Rechtsradikaler Troll unserer Petition: Brian Pulaski, USA ·

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