Petition: Don’t Force Wildfire Victims Out of Their Homes, California

5 comments on “Petition: Don’t Force Wildfire Victims Out of Their Homes, California

  1. Things are only going to get worse since neither of the parties will shut down the legal immigration pyramid scheme of bringing in at least 1 million people PER YEAR from all over the world for no good reason at all. That has been since 1970. Less than 10% are refugees and I think it excludes H1Bs which very easily turn into green cards. Meanwhile Americans can’t get their spouses in the system is so clogged, though I think they don’t know to bribe to get ahead in line like people from other countries surely do. I just read that insurance companies say they will no longer pay for high risk areas which is just about everywhere but especially the high population areas seem to be high risk. Then, we have nuclear disaster as imminent due to the rattle trap reactors and waste which will destroy a huge area of land. New Orleans makes things clear – those old houses from the 1800s built on higher ground (old river banks) and raised up didn’t flood during Katrina. The old houses would have been well built too and withstood many hurricanes. They were built on floating cypress foundations.

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    • This is sad news, I wonder where it’s all going to end and is California going to be a dead zone! I heard that the West side of California… now don’t quote me, because I was so stunned I’m still not sure I heard right….. people that can afford to buy 10 million dollar homes can not afford to live there!

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