NOW, help us break the chain around the neck of our wild horses

Wild Horse Education

cropped-antelope2_25-093leigh.jpg (copyright Laura Leigh)

We need you to make the following three calls (or Fax) now. Each action is specific to the House or Senate. Make each action distinct, three calls or fax. An article below the action has a further explanation.

You can send a free FAX today; click HERE for Senate, click HERE for House. Phone numbers for your representatives can be found at, please call tomorrow:

Senate: “I do not want any federal funds used to kill healthy wild horses. The Department of Interior budget has multiple options to save a few million dollars. Not one subsidy to livestock is addressed in the budget and the federal grazing program is out of control. The wild horses should not be shot or sent to slaughter to continue the broken grazing program. As an American I find it unacceptable, completely unacceptable.”

House: “Please support Raul Grijalva’s efforts to get…

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