Former Navy Seal Reveals Unusual Plan To Stop North Korea…Without Firing Single Bullet

Nwo Report

Sources: Business InsiderThe Conservative Tribune

The state of insanity coming from North Korea has reached such a fever pitch that even someone who watches the news as much as Beavis and Butthead would know the full story by now. A crazed fat man with a love for wine and Swiss cheese is test-firing nuclear weapons over Japan as his brainwashed people who really know no better are cheering him on.

That last part is vital.

Those people who don’t know any better, for they are the key to victory without a single bomb being dropped. That is the plan of former Navy Seal, commentator, and Tribunist Jocko Willink as he unloads the most brilliant and unusual plan that anyone will ever hear. he believes it will stop North Korea’s reign of terror without the need to fire a single bullet.

Since most of North Korea is starving to…

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