711 Million Email Addresses Leaked; If Your Email Is On THIS List, Change Your Password NOW

Nwo Report

Amando Flavio

Computer security experts have discovered a huge spam list containing over 700 million email addresses stolen by a spambot called Onliner.

The breach was first discovered by a Paris-based security researcher named Benkow. According to IFLScience, it contains two separate troves of data; one simply of e-mail addresses, while the second more serious set contains addresses and passwords.

Experts say the e-mail breach is the biggest spambot dump that the world has ever seen, and raises serious questions about Internet privacy, which is increasingly becoming a headache for cyber security experts and privacy activists. Secret government agencies and cyber criminals have also stepped up their efforts to spy or steal personal information online.

You can check if your e-mail address is on the list by going to haveibeenpwned.com – an anti-hacker website, run by Australian computer security expert Troy Hunt, which has details of compromised e-mail addresses…

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