Jumping on the bandwagon or just totally shocked…….what are we doing to our environment?

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IMG_0022I have just come back from a lovely holiday in Rhodes Greece. The beach outside the hotel was lovely, well groomed and litter free. Yet I walked 100 metres along the beach and could not believe what I saw. I know the news has been full of items on plastic and its awful effect on the environment, but until you see it with your own eyes I don’t think that the issues sinks in.

I think I to wake up and start to realise the ugly truth and think about what I buy and how I dispose of items. There were so many bottle tops, straws, glow sticks, shoes, bottles etc. lots of items that we really don’t need.

I hate to sound like I’m preaching after all I am guilty of buying unnecessary good with out a thought to what will happen to them when I have grown bored…

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