End Dog Breed Discrimination

In many U.S. towns, dogs are discriminated against based solely on looks. Breeds such as American Pit Bull terriers are not welcome in many communities despite their long history of being the ideal family pet. Cities that allow the breed often require unrealistic and costly measures to isolate the dog from the rest of the community, and noncompliance results in removal from the family and death. Sign this petition to end dog breed discrimination.

Source: End Dog Breed Discrimination

2 comments on “End Dog Breed Discrimination

    • I haven’t even seen your blog post, so I’m not sure what petitions you’re even talking about, but I will go through my ton of mail and find your blog and check out your petitions, if they’re extremely important to go out… Meaning they need to be signed by a certain date, they will go out first…the little bit of time I had today, I was on the animal petition site, I get several petition sites sending me information every day, I have several petitions sitting waiting to go out, I haven’t even had the time to sign the petitions, even when I’m up until 3 in the morning working on them, not to mention updates and that’s not counting the ones in foreign languages, like Russian,German ,French,Spanish, and Mandarin which those I have to translate into English before I can even post them out, I have one blogger that wanted me to post out her petition and it was in Russian and I knew better, but I did it and it didn’t do very well because people had no idea what they were signing. I want to go back through my petitions and find and translate it into English and repost….I keep wanting to put a translator widget on my blog and I haven’t had the time to do it,but it would make it so much easier in the long run.


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