What Are We Talking About? your voice is being taken from you

Wild Horse Education

In spring and early summer we did outreach, articles and webinars about “your voice.” What we found is that many people do not understand where, when and how to use, voice in process. More disturbingly we found that so many people did not even understand how in many ways, they lost much of their voice this year.

We have written about advisory boards, Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) and the land use planning process. We usually end those types of articles with a statement that recognizes that piles of paper don’t make a good meme for social media but that engagement is the most crucial aspect of advocacy for wild horses.

Earlier this year (April) we wrote about trying to engage a RAC and then the RACs were shut down. Massive amounts of information was rapidly being removed from government websites. To us this represented a terrifying trend; exclude, ignore, delete…

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