Petition: Demand an end to horse carriage rides in Malta traffic

2 comments on “Petition: Demand an end to horse carriage rides in Malta traffic

  1. I suppose the petitioners are aware that should the horse “be out of a job” he will be horsemeat and pet food maybe within the hour. Although there is no excuse for abusing the animal, what choice does the drive have if the horse shows exhaustion in the middle of the street? Did the petitioner stay around to see if the driver had any remedies once the horse was out of the traffic?




    • I can’t answer for the petitioner, you can go on the petition site and leave a comment there and ask them. Now for my two cents worth…. the horse was pushed Beyond its limit, people who make money this way, have one horse and one carriage, they never take the time or spend the money on the horse for a veterinarian…..until they get to that point and sometimes not even then, they hook the horse up to the carriage from early morning to late at night….standing in the blazing sun in one spot with all that weight strapped to them, they expect them to carry 6 people several times a day, as the day progresses into the heat of the afternoon, when the horse gets overheated they cannot cool down and this is what happens, the older the horse gets the harder it is on them, whipping the horses only put more strain on the horse, they should have got everybody off the carriage and walk the horse over to the side and pour water on a horse to help cool it down, they are ready to collapse and sometimes die. So either way the horse will wind up being horsemeat, because if the horse doesn’t die and can not perform, they sell the horse for horse meat and buy a new horse!!


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