The Dogs of War Are in High Demand

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War is hell for almost everyone who gets near it. This includes animals—especially the hundreds of dogs the U.S. military has sent to serve alongside soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere since Sept. 11. Now, the Pentagon is taking steps to make sure more of them come home.

The armed services have had dogs since about day one. At the moment, roughly 1,600 Military War Dogs (MWDs) are either in the field or helping recuperating veterans. That’s approximately one dog for every three U.S. soldiers currently in Afghanistan.

These animals are, however, an increasingly precious resource. With terrorists targeting public transportation and tourist sites all over the world, global demand for bomb-sniffing dogs has surged. Canines with finely trained noses now fetch $25,000 and up on the open market, where border patrol units, the State Department, and private security firms go for canine talent. Even the war on bedbugs scoops up some of the best noses in…

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4 comments on “The Dogs of War Are in High Demand

  1. Not a new use/abuse of animals, they were abused by Hannibal in his war against Scipio, the Roman general, and war horses for ages by many. Of such nature are most all of mankind; we should understand, we have it all developed to have advantage over others in our wars of man against man.

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  2. Since ages Man is not only destroying the life and freedom of his own mankind but also of these innocent animals like Lions, Horses, Elephants, Camels and Dogs for his selfish needs and wars.

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