SJWs want veterans ‘banned’ from four-year colleges — and veteran responds forcefully

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The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs approved of someone posting a flyer on the school’s campus that says veterans should be “banned” from four-year colleges and universities.

The flyer is the first issue in a newsletter series that is titled “Social Justice Collective Weekly.” A spokesman for UCCS said the newsletter is not affiliated with the university and that any student can post flyers on bulletin boards around campus. But, as KKTV-TV noted, the school does have to approve any flyers that are posted around the campus. Now, in light of the fact that campus officials approved the flyer, the school is trying to distance itself from the message in the flyers.

According to KKTV, the flyers make extremely broad generalizations about those who fought to protect the freedoms of millions of Americans. The pamphlets claim that “many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable…

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2 comments on “SJWs want veterans ‘banned’ from four-year colleges — and veteran responds forcefully

  1. Besides being bizarrely wrong to exclude them, many go into military to pay for their education, maybe most. I think it was Veterans and the GI bill that really built up the US university system during its glory days. Also Peace Corps workers. Afterwards, without so many of the vets, it became mostly a sickening corporate funded business. I am opposed to all overseas wars but we need to respect those who served because they thought it right or had to.

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