#TaijiTuesday – Another Drive Hunt & Slaughter Season About to Begin

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Just a week away, on September 1, 2017 another season of the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt & Slaughter will begin. Each year, from September until March, pods of dolphins make their way across Hatagiri Bay which is located near the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. While this is a scenic and even serene area at times, death haunts the infamous Cove which is located directly adjacent to Taiji’s Whale Museum.

Every year during the annual government sanctioned dolphin & whale hunt, thousands of dolphins are brutally and inhumanely slaughtered. Below is the 2017/2018 Drive Hunt Quote – Taiji Fisherman’s Union is allowed to take 1,940 dolphins from nine different species over the course of six months. Over the coming weeks Voice for the Blue will do a #TaijiTuesday blog post and introduce you the nine species of Taiji Drive Hunt Quote.


Not all dolphins driven into the…

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Animal Emergency Preparedness for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

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This probably isn’t your first rodeo, but we’re still going to post this for our friends in the path of floods and high winds. – Debbie

Source:  Thehorse.com

Texans Should Prepare for Flooding, High Winds from Harvey

With the probability of extensive rain and high winds throughout much of the state from the resurgence of Hurricane Harvey, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts are asking Texans to take measures to prepare their houses, farms, and ranches for what could come.

“We’re expecting Harvey to bring a lot of rain and flooding over a large area of the state and as he intensifies, some strong winds as well,” said Andy Vestal, MEd, PhD, AgriLife Extension specialist in emergency management, in College Station. “The storm system may also spur tornadic activity.” Vestal said people in both urban and rural areas of the state should take steps to prepare for what could come…

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U.S. erred in declining protections for remote grizzly bears: judge


August23, 2017 / 6:22 PM / a day ago
SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – U.S. wildlife managers erred when they declined to list as endangered a small population of grizzly bears in the remote reaches of Idaho and northwest Montana, a federal judge has ruled in what conservationists on Wednesday hailed as a huge victory.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2014 determined the fewer than 50 grizzlies that roam the Cabinet Mountains and Yaak River drainage in the Northern Rockies were not in danger of extinction and did not warrant re-classifying as endangered or threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act.

The Montana conservation group Alliance for the Wild Rockies sued, arguing the so-called Cabinet-Yaak population of grizzlies would go extinct unless U.S. wildlife managers tightened restrictions on logging, mining and other activities in bear habitat, all safeguards that would come with endangered status.

On Tuesday a federal judge in Missoula, Montana, sided with the conservation group in a ruling that found that the Fish and Wildlife Service had violated U.S. law in determining that the number of outsized, hump-shouldered bears in the Cabinet-Yaak ecosystem could reach a targeted recovery goal of 100 without added protections.

In the ruling, U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen found that the agency had long recognized that population of grizzlies was warranted for listing as an endangered species because of human-caused mortality and other threats.

The Fish and Wildlife Service in 2013 reported Cabinet-Yaak grizzlies were declining at an annual rate of about 0.8 percent per year and that the percentage of bears unlawfully or accidentally killed by humans had tripled by 1999-2012 compared with 1982-1998.

Yet the agency in 2014 reversed course, finding the bears did not need additional safeguards because their population trend had changed to stable from declining.

Christensen ruled that reversal was unlawfully arbitrary and capricious and ordered the Fish and Wildlife Service to rework any proposal that would downgrade the status of the bears.

Alliance head Michael Garrity on Wednesday said the judge’s decision was a victory for the grizzles.

“Now they have a chance at survival,” Garrity said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did not respond to a request by Reuters for comment.

Grizzlies in 1975 were listed as threatened in the lower 48 states after they neared extinction.

The Cabinet-Yaak bears are among just a handful of grizzly populations that exist outside Alaska. The grizzlies in and around Yellowstone Park, the second-largest group of bears in the Lower 48 states, were delisted this summer.

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Piglets rescued from barn fire served to firefighters as sausages


Source: Piglets rescued from barn fire served to firefighters as sausages

Mathematical mystery of ancient Babylonian clay tablet solved

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Some Pythagorean triples [credit: Cmglee / Wikipedia]
Could Babylonian base-60 maths be about to make a comeback? The tablet has been dated to between 1822 and 1762 BC and is based on Pythagorean triples, as Phys.org reports. It uses ‘a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles’.

UNSW Sydney scientists have discovered the purpose of a famous 3700-year old Babylonian clay tablet, revealing it is the world’s oldest and most accurate trigonometric table, possibly used by ancient mathematical scribes to calculate how to construct palaces and temples and build canals.

The new research shows the Babylonians beat the Greeks to the invention of trigonometry – the study of triangles – by more than 1000 years, and reveals an ancient mathematical sophistication that had been hidden until now.

Known as Plimpton 322, the small tablet was discovered in the early 1900s in what is now…

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Nebraskans Are Building Solar Panels to Block the Keystone XL Pipeline

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From Greenpeace.org:
Nebraskans Are Building Solar Panels to Block the Keystone XL Pipeline
by Mike Hudema, August 15, 2017

“They’ll have to go under it, around it, or tear it down to get their dirty oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.”

Environmentalists are sometimes criticized for not talking about solutions enough. The media often portrays people who oppose pipelines as ‘anti-development,’ for instance. The reality, however, is that we can both fight against dangerous pipelines and fight for solutions like renewable energy at the same time — and those fighting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline just made that point more clear than ever.

Landowners and Indigenous groups are joining together to build solar projects directly in the path…

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DAPL Owner Energy Transfer Partners Uses Trump Go-To Lawyers at Kasowitz Law Firm To File Another SLAPP Lawsuit Against Greenpeace; Earth First; BankTrack and 20 Unnamed Parties

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Archambault Addresses UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, 20 Sept 2016:
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Addresses UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, 20 Sept 2016, Indian Law Resource Center video screen shot
2 min video of speech by the [American] Indian Law Resource Center: http://youtu.be/dW0d_WsuL0Y Image from video. About the Indian Law Resource Center: http://youtu.be/YbNALv6FqUo Note that Energy Transfer Partners, the Dakota Access Pipeline owner already destroyed some burial grounds and sacred sites. See for instance: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/is-this-america-co-founder-of-sacred-stone-camp-recalls-dog-attack-on-native-americans

Trump signing Executive Order to push the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, 24 January 2017

Kasowitz, Trump, et.al. need to move to Russia where people were serfs very late and don’t have much experience with freedoms. Their SLAPP attacks on Free Speech; Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Assembly have no rightful place in the USA. Perhaps because their ancestors were late migrants from oppressed lands they don’t understand the American way. We are not serfs! Did Kasowitz, Trump, et. al. flunk Civics and…

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