Not Even a Creepy Coal Monster Can Save Industry


ramacoThe animated lump of coal that execs are using to sell a new mine in Wyoming. It failed.

Coal is dying and all the buck-toothed (and frankly, creepy) animations in the world can’t revive it.

That doesn’t stop industry from trying, however. And it doesn’t stop their plans from continuing to go down in flames.

Case in point: the coal company, Ramaco, and their attempt to build a new coal mine in Wyoming to turn “Coal into Cars (and a few other things).”

In spite of a slick presentation, including a third-rate animated chunk of coal, it failed as a citizen council chastised the company for not being a “good neighbor.”

It’s a sign of how the coal industry, try as it may, just can’t get clean.

If you don’t know, Ramaco is a coal company that wants to dig a new mine in Wyoming just outside of the town…

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