1. Hello, while I do not disagree with your mission. I have to suggest you are wasting your time. You are not living in the real world with this strategy. UPS, FedEx USPS all will ship anything. Because of money. They don’t need any particular person or entities money. But being a business, someone is going to take that shipment and no transportation company will choose to be left out. UPS is slightly liberal and the upper management may agree with your opinions. But in the end, UPS is a publicly traded company and the bottom line rules.

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    • I didn’t start this petition, Veronica Wolski is the one that started this petition, I’m only posting this…. But I have seen this type of petition have great success, it brings awareness to the situation and people start boycotting companies, so they may make money…. but they also lose money and sometimes a lot more than they made and that’s the reason the commercial airlines stopped shipping them.


      • Sorry for just now replying yet again. I understand what you’re talking about. We all like to boycott certain companies or products. Right now, I’ve spent the entire year boycotting the NFL in every possible way. But large companies like UPS have a way of burying bad media, so people can find themselves wasting their efforts. I won’t speak to this situation, but as a driver, I have seen UPS bury information through the media about various wrecks and package thefts from less than the most honest employees. Yes, people choose not to use UPS, they can even march back and forth in front of a particular hub. But in the end, it won’t make the news. Not unless an employee gets hurt. I don’t wish to start any disputes with my readers, I’m just sharing my observations of a long-term employment with a particular corporation.

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