Petition · University blinded 6 puppies then killed them after their wounds healed, despite a rescue organizations offer to take them. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! ·

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World Leaders to Discuss the Fate of Snow Leopards on August 24

The Jaguar

Snow Leopard by Skeeze. Public Domain CC0 1.0

A critical meeting is taking place on Thursday, August 24. Delegates and heads of state from all twelve snow leopard (Panthera uncia) range countries are coming together for the Global Snow Leopard Summit, where they will be discussing the fate of this mythic cat.

These world leaders will be meeting in the Kyrgyz Republic, and they will be joined by experts from various fields. Their goal is to assess the state of snow leopard conservation, update a key document called the Bishkek Declaration, and strategize for the future. They will discuss ongoing threats to snow leopards, ways to bolster funding for the cats’ conservation, and how to sustainably increase rural peoples’ livelihoods.

This last element is key, because many human communities within the snow leopard’s range are extremely poor. They are also heavily reliant on livestock. So when…

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Stop Legal Exports of Ivory


The legal export of antique ivory from the United Kingdom is fueling global demand and putting Africa’s remaining elephants at risk. Help protect these majestic creatures and tell the British government this trade must be brought to an end.

Source: Stop Legal Exports of Ivory

Namibia: Elephant tramples and kills Argentinian hunter in Namibia.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Elephant tramples and kills Argentinian hunter in Namibia.


An elephant has trampled and killed an Argentinian hunter who was among a group tracking a herd in Namibia.

One of the elephants is reported to have charged before the group was able to shoot.


SAV Comment

From report it is good to hear that the elephant appears to be uninjured.

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Petition · Prison for the men who laughed as they tortured a shark in Florida ·

Petition · House of Representatives: End Pig Cruelty in New Zealand ·

Petition · Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors: Request for Investigation/Audit of Contra Costa Animal Services Martinez & Pinole Shelters ·

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Petition · Anson County Commissioners: Fire Megan Garner – Anson County Animal Shelter ·


Petition · Tell Secretary Zinke To Save Our Wild Horses! ·

Petition:Horse Cruelly Hog Tied and Bleeding on “Video” Before Death Deserves Justice



A horse died after a video showed the poor animal hog-tied, bleeding and trying desperately to escape. The owner still hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent horse and that the owner be punished severely if found guilty.

Source: Horse Cruelly Hog Tied and Bleeding on Video Before Death Deserves Justice

Petition: Get a Koala Protection Act Now!


Earth Report

Philippines – Bird Flu

The Philippines will cull at least 200,000 birds after confirming its first avian flu outbreak, but no animal-to-human transmission has been reported, officials said Friday.

Sudan – Foot and Mouth Disease

The Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries in Western Lakes State in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has confirmed the outbreak of Animal foot and mouth diseases in Manyiel cattle camp. 120, 000 heads of cattle, 19,000 goats and sheep, and 130 dogs are to be vaccinated against all forms of animals diseases.

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