Paul Christian is fundraising for LionAid

Petition: Close Bangkok Safari World For Exploiting Orangutans By Making Them Perform In Boxing Matches, Thailand

Petition: Don’t Ban “Climate Change” from the USDA’s Vocabulary

Petition: Japan: Save the Bluefin Tuna!

Petition: Instagram: No Likes for Selfies that Promote Animal Cruelty

Petition: Protect Racehorses from Drugging and Abuse.

Petition: Make Pets at Home sell appropriately sized cages, United Kingdom

Petition: Local councils scan, record & notify owners of all cat deaths collected from the roads!, United Kingdom

Petition: Dolphins Don’t Belong in the Desert: Ban Dolphin Captivity in Las Vegas

Petition: Demand that The Mendip Farmer’s Hunt are prosecuted for their fox hounds seriously injuring a pet dog, United Kingdom