Reward for catching British fox cub poachers

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This video from Britain says about itself:

23 July 2013

Very soon (middle to late) in August, fox hunts up and down the country will be training their hounds to kill in one of the most hateful and disgusting parts of the hunting season; cub hunting.

Cub hunting is normally called autumn hunting … because the very idea of hunting baby animals with new hounds is abhorrent even to them.

They will send out the terrier ‘men’ to block known fox earths when the breeding vixen is out with her cubs during the night. On returning, the vixen and cubs, tired from the night before, will not be able to return to the safety of their home; that’s when the hounds are sent in to kill them.

They will ‘hold up’ a fox covert in order to scare any foxes – vixen, dog or cub back into the…

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