This Is How Hot Your City Will Be In The Year 2100

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(True Activist) There are still an abundance of people that deny that climate change exists, the United States president being one of them, and yet there is overwhelming evidence that not only suggests otherwise but warns of the impending doom humans will soon face. One such piece of evidence was recently put into interactive map form by Climate Central, an independent organization made up of scientists and journalists researching about climate change and is impact on the public.

The map features the most recent results of research conducted to determine how hot the average high summer temperatures in every major city in the world and it’s not looking promising. The map includes an option to see what would happen if carbon emissions remained as they are today or if they were moderately cut. By “moderate emissions cuts,” the group means that if the world cut their…

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2 comments on “This Is How Hot Your City Will Be In The Year 2100

  1. ” There are still an abundance of people that deny that climate change exists,”

    True, and most of these people will be truely scientists or people who understand the basis of science.

    And I can tell you why.

    If you are a scientist you will be aware of Karl Poppers writings on hypothesis’.

    Here is Richard Feynman doing and explaining that to a freshman physics class probably at Princeton.

    Here is some empirical evidence of actual climate temperatures and the results of modeling hypothesis’

    (Courtesy of website of June 4th, 2013 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Former NASA Scientist. Sources of models and observations converted to linear trend for comparison annotated on graph)

    It is not scientifically possible to prove a hypothesis correct, for example Einstein’s Hypothesis of General Relativity showed that explained Newton’s hypothesis’ did not quite explain everything, and it was through empirical evidence that did not support Newton. (

    However it is possible to prove, as Einstein did, that a better hypothesis should be substituted, or in the case of AGW, the hypothesis should be thrown out completely because there is no empirical evidence that supports any part of it.

    Climate “scientists” understand Karl Popper as well. This is why they will always stay away from proper debate about AGW.

    However, if there is no empirical proof of the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis we had better heed Richard Feynmans words in the above video.

    We have wasted trillions on AGW so far, the UN being a prominent culprit and if there is overwelming doubt that the science is flawed, ( as I show above), the danger to the world’s people is economic not atmospheric.

    This is the actual real science and we better all be getting used to it.




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