Are You Poisoning Your Pet?

Naturally LivEco

A recent article alerted to me to the toxicity of one of the most frequently prescribed anti-flea treatments for pets – Frontline. On the vets advice we previously used this product on our cat and another treatment is due soon. So I thought I had better do some research on the side effects of Frontline before the next treatment. What I found shocked me!

biohazard-24049__180Frontline contains 2 very powerful poisons – Methoprene and Fipronil. You can find lots of information on both these poisons by Googling “side effects of….”  The following is a brief summary.

Fipronil is a slow acting poison that seeps into the body of insects and stops the nervous system from working thus paralyses the insect.  Fipronil is classified by the World Health Organisation as a hazardous pesticide. It is also classified as a Class C carcinogen which means when tested it caused tumours in rats and therefore there is…

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