Why Special Interests Want Bears Ears National Monument Gone: Uranium, Oil and Gas

Mining Awareness +

The comment deadline for “Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment” is July 10th. However, further down the page it says “To ensure consideration, written comments relating to the Bears Ears National Monument must be submitted before May 26, 2017. Written comments relating to all other National Monuments must be submitted before July 10, 2017.https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOI-2017-0002-0001

The Bear Ears National Monument was already a compromise. A huge chunk of the original proposal was excluded, as can be seen on the map at the bottom of this post, apparently – at least in part – to protect Canadian miner Energy Fuels’ Daneros uranium mining expansion.

Their biggest shareholder and uranium customer is South Korea: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1385849/000106299313005863/exhibit99-108.htm

Under the 1872 mining law, the miner doesn’t pay royalties for hardrock minerals, such as uranium: https://www.earthworksaction.org/issues/detail/general_mining_law_of_1872#.WT0zjbFOmfA

Excerpted from AmericanProgress.org: “American Treasure at Risk:…

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