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Wisconsin WildCare: A Ray of Sunshine in Our Brutal State

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

IMG_4256 Nursing mother raccoon that the blog author photographed last week.

Being a wildlife advocate is not easy. The day after day losses and exposure to the endless cruelty is heartbreaking, demoralizing, and can often push one to the breaking point. This is why every once in awhile we must be able to cling to rays of sunshine in an increasingly cruel and bleak world for our wild friends. One of those “rays of sunshine” exists in our own state in the form of Wisconsin WildCare.

What is Wisconsin WildCare? This description comes from their website:

Wisconsin WildCare is made up of a network of licensed rehabilitators and volunteers who work together to educate the public about the benefits of and how to live with our native wildlife. Together, we strive to help people not only notice, but appreciate, the wildlife around them.When wildlife comes into conflict with people, we…

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