Is there a Wild Horse Overpopulation Problem? Mining, Oil & Gas Corps. & Cattle on Public Land; Over 600 Rescued Wild Horses Endangered by Uranium Mining

Mining Awareness +

Why has a US BLM Advisory Board just recommended slaughter of much of America’s Wild Horse and Burro population? Although the US BLM claims they will not follow the advice, they have left open a loop-hole to kill sick and elderly horses. And, they have already sold horses for slaughter and consumption.
1971 Public law Wild Horses
Palomino in holding pen
Above: Palomino Wild Horse in holding pen.
Below: US Border Guards Put Wild Horses to Work

US Border Patrol On Horseback
Read here:

Under the 1872 Mining Act, companies, even foreign companies don’t pay royalties for uranium, gold, and silver taken from public land and public mineral rights on private land. A Canadian Mining Co., Energy Fuels, is even trying to mine uranium near the Grand Canyon. Much of the uranium mined by Energy Fuels goes to South Korea. It is the second largest uranium miner after Canada’s Cameco. Even Russia now owns US uranium mines. Wild Horses are probably more disruptive…

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