Restaurant Serves Raw Horse Meat in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Raw horse meat is now available in the heart of the city of brotherly love. Cure, located at 5336 Butler St., recently introduced Horse Tartare on their dinner menu.

Wikipedia describes tartare as “Steak tartare is a meat dish made from finely chopped or minced raw beef or horsemeat. It is often served with onions, capers and seasonings (the latter typically incorporating fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce), sometimes with a raw egg yolk, and often on rye bread.”

Horse meat is, by large, unregulated and there is undoubtedly drugs unfit for human consumption in the horse tartare.

In addition to serving horse tartare, Cure also served Foie Gras, a meat which can only be produced by tremendous suffering to ducks and geese.

A petition trying to stop the selling of horse tartare has been started on
Author: Dale Williams – Phone: 724-964-6773
News of the Horse

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