Wildlife on the Brink, Where Do We Go From Here?

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

12573775_10153201729125933_8361318789507284596_n This is what Wisconsin considers “managment” of wildlife. Legal dog fighitng is not only condoned but encouraged by the State of Wisconsin. Upon delisitng this form of legal dog fighting will be allowed against wolves….if it isn’t occurring already. Photo used under Fair Use for Educational Purposes. 

Once again it seems that the gray wolf population in Great Lakes will handed over to states full of individuals and groups wishing to see them wiped off the face of the earth. Hostile state agencies, along with their contracted federal goon squads known as “Wildlife Services” are primed and ready to immediately begin the killing once federal “protections” are removed. As most wildlife advocates know those “protections” were in name only as poaching and 24/7/365 harassment by Wisconsin hounders have kept the wolf population under constant threat. With a looming delisting this harassment is only going to get worse and be more…

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4 comments on “Wildlife on the Brink, Where Do We Go From Here?

    • Wisconsin has always been the… Good Ole Boys State… Yes it was Walker that sent the troops in to attack the waters defenders and now the Koch brothers have moved in and between them the cattle ranchers and the rifle association he’s nothing more than there whore!

      Thanks for the link. Well that doesn’t surprise me that Walker let him keep his job….. Walker wanted to run for president, I guess he thought they all would help him get there, but he got taken out quick..Thank God!


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