Anti-Trump Mayor De Blasio Receives Some Bad News…And It’s From His Own Police Department

Nwo Report

Mayor De Blasio blown outMatthew Bernstein

Throughout the campaign, President Trump spent a lot of time and effort on immigration and illegal immigrants. He said on numerous occasions that he wants to get the illegals out of the country. It’s a reasonable request, considering the burden they place on the legal people in the country.

As expected, the Democrats of the nation started making claims that “nobody is illegal,” and wanted to protect the illegals. This claim was met with fierce opposition from the Republican members, as some of the illegals being protected have lengthy criminal records. These include, but are not limited to, homicide, sexual crimes and drinking and driving charges.

Despite the danger that illegals provide, various Democrats all across the country have set up sanctuary jurisdictions. These are cities and states that will refuse to cooperate with the federal government looking for illegals. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a liberal mayor and a…

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