Native American Nation Celebrates As President Trump Does What Obama Never Could

Nwo Report

navajoAllison Hillman

With the mainstream media overreacting to everything President Trump does, it can be almost impossible to sort out the truth. They create such a firestorm, the actual impact gets lost in the smoke. Even when he accomplishes something that nobody else was able to.

We saw it happen with his immigration ban. While the liberal press was running around screaming about a racist president, Muslims were commenting that the ban made sense; they were largely ignored. Common sense and truth rarely factor in for the left.

It appears to be happening again with the president’s energy policies. The press is complaining about the environment meanwhile there is relief among one Native American Nation.

Hiding behind a concern for the environment, Obama enacted several regulations that put a strain on an already struggling industry. In one of his many last-minute regulations, Obama produced even more laws that would…

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