Muslim Man Enters Goodwill, Chokes Elderly Woman Employee…Because She Wouldn’t Say It

Nwo Report


All of the nations that find themselves on Trump’s now-famous travel ban list are nation’s that, among other sinister things, routinely beat people (or worse) for refusing to convert to Islam. This is true even though Islam is a religion that has precepts that have no real bearing in reality or reason, such as the more historical religions of the world. This is why Egypt once worshipped Ra, the Sun God, and today face having images of Ra shattered for the crime of Islamic blasphemy. The truth is that every nation that is today Islamic are only in that condition due to having been conquered by the sword and beaten into the practice. No one chooses this burden on a national level for any other reason; it has never happened.

These beatings are occurring now in America as the case of Khaliad Bilal shows us. Bilal was arrested the past…

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