Listen: America Is In Trouble

Voice For The Voiceless

I’m probably the last person people want to listen to, seeing as I am the exact thing they are fighting against. I am one of those who is depending on my health insurance and social security benefits. Due to the fact that I have disabilities that prevent me from working, that being my debilitating blackouts caused by my anxiety and PTSD attacks. Because of this disability, I am unable to leave the house on my own… I don’t qualify for Social Security Disability because I have not worked long enough, I haven’t worked long enough because of my blackouts…. So what did they do? They put me on Social Security Income a non-fixed income that can be cut and lowered at any time.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could join the work force I would, yet, my husband works full time, for a petty wage and only bringing home…

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