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Recent incident in Foxe Basin shows the danger of hungry polar bears in winter


A late-night encounter with a thin and hungry polar bear in the northern Quebec community ofIvujivik in early March was a nightmare-inspiring event.

Ivujivik polar bear encounter plus headline_NunatsiaqOnline 28 March 2017

Reported this morning by NunatsiaqOnline (Nunavik community receives some unwelcome guests, 28 March 2017), the thwarted polar bear attack at the edge of Hudson Bay was the fourth defense kill this year (and the second this month) after a large number of bear sightings by residents this winter.

In contrast to reports of other encounters this winter that involved unusually fat bears for this time of year, this bear was thin and obviously dangerous.

Here is what happened to Ivujivik resident Manu Qaunnaaluk and her six year old daughter Deseray as they walked home about 11 pm after a community event:

“When we were almost home, we heard some dogs start barking out of nowhere,” she said. “It sounded really serious.”

The pair was…

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