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How many African Green Monkeys are infected, euthanized and then organ harvested each year to make FDA-approved vaccines?


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For those that think this is a joke, this very document at the CDC’s very own website shows this, and many other toxins within vaccines.  This is why its imperative people do their research, because if people really knew what vaccines had, they’d think they woke up in another reality.

Image: How many African Green Monkeys are infected, euthanized and then organ harvested each year to make FDA-approved vaccines?
Ethan Huff
March 26, 2017

Now that it’s been proven that vaccine manufacturers harvest kidney cells from African Green Monkeys to produce vaccines that are injected into children, many are now wondering just how many of these monkey are captured, euthanized, and processed into vaccine ingredients each year to make these FDA-approved poison jabs?

As you may recall, Natural News was falsely accused of spreading “fake news” after breaking the story on African Green Monkey kidney cells, and other horrific ingredients, being used in the manufacture of vaccines. For merely publishing the ingredients listed on…

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He walked….no charges!!

9 Months Later: Jesus’ Tomb Restored By Scientists In $4M Project

Nwo Report

Tomblayla velasquez

A team of Greek scientists and restoration crews have finally completed a nine-month project to restore Jesus’ tomb, the Guardian reports.

According to the Christian faith, after Jesus was crucified, he was taken off the cross and laid to rest in a tomb donated by a wealthy benefactor. A stone was rolled in front of the tomb and guards were stationed. Therein occurred the miracle that Christianity hinges upon—the Easter story. In a great earthquake, the stone rolled away and when guards inspected the tomb, they found his body was gone. Jesus was thought to have risen from the dead. Christian writings teach that he appeared to a handful of friends in the days following.

The tomb is on the property of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. It has been a tourist attractions for Christians the world over…

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How Bullfighting Breeds of Cattle can Save Jaguars

The Jaguar

Reducing rates of human-jaguar conflict, through the use of San Martinero cattle, might help to save jaguars. Jaguar by Cautrok77. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

One of the most significant threats to jaguars comes from human-jaguar conflict. In other words, people often kill jaguars in order to protect livestock. While the total number of cattle killed by jaguars is often low in comparison to other causes of death, it is not evenly spaced. This means that some ranchers lose a significant portion of their herds to predators. Also, since cattle ranching is not overly profitable in much of Latin America, any loss can be hard. The problem is not helped by the fact that most cattle varieties have been bred to be docile. This means they have few, if any, anti-predator instincts (Rabinowitz, 2014). The same is not true for San Martinero cattle.

This remarkable breed is descended from the…

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Petition Avaaz – Stop the world’s biggest whale slaughter

Petition-Say No to Rhino Horn Trade | African Wildlife Foundation


Bears Forced to Ride Scooters and Balance on Balls

Urge ITV To Stop Broadcasting the Grand National | Take Action | – 1

5 Plant Foods For Protection During Cold and Flu Season | VegNews

Who knew kiwi was so good for you…. Helps to prevent colds and helps you to sleep. I guess I’m going to have to wear gloves, because I can’t stand the feel of the skin…LOL

Life or Lunch?

Consuming healthful plant-foods regularly will decrease your risks of catching the dreaded cold or flu.

You know it is going to be a rough few days the moment when the sore throat, runny nose, headache, cough, and body aches begin. Often, these ailments—aka, a common cold and the flu—are caused by the rhinovirus, coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus, and the influenza viruses. Contrary to popular belief, vegans can get sick, too, as vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can trigger a significant decrease in our immune system function, therefore allowing the invasion of one of these viruses into our bodies. The good news is that certain plant foods can help prevent—and even treat—the common cold and flu. Here are five foods I recommend to my sick patients. Of course, if you find that you develop a high fever, have trouble breathing, or have a sudden worsening in your symptoms…

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