Reindeer Herders-Ecosystem in Russian Nature Park Endangered by Oil Co. Surgutneftegas

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Russia and Europe has been doing resource related colonialism/ imperialism for longer than the US has existed. The US itself is the product of European imperialism and imperial competition, including Russian. Even today, Putin “kingmaker” and oligarch Roman Abramovich is among oligarchs owning the company Evraz, which provided a large percentage of the pipes for the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines. Evraz will probably provide pipes for the Bayou Bridge pipeline, as well, which will impact US wetlands. Abramovich made much of his money exploiting the indigenous lands of the Russian far-east for gold and oil. His roots are far away along the Volga. The father of the Koch brothers taught Stalin how to process oil, but mining, agricultural extraction and colonialism pre-date this.–1800.

As Russia just started a PR push about Arctic eco-tourism, it’s a good time to examine what’s going on there. Frighteningly…

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