Whitehouse Now Says Keystone XL Builders Can Use Steel Made By Russian Company and Made in India

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Evraz is controlled-owned by Putin friend and King-maker Roman Abramovich, along with other Russian oligarchs. Some of the other owners appear to be or to have been close to Putin, as well. Evraz makes large diameter pipe in Canada, as seen below. Trump’s daughter Ivanka appears to be friends with Abramovich’s wife and to have invited her to the inauguration.
Evraz Canada Pipes
Pipes by Russian company Evraz in Canada. The steel could be made in Russia. Evraz makes some products in the US, as well as Europe. If it were Made by Evraz in USA, rather than Canada, would it be American made or Russian? If it brings in foreign workers on temp permits? Made in Russia and imported to Canada?

Keystone XL builders can use non-U.S. steel, White House says now
Posted:Fri, 03 Mar 2017 16:55:30 -0500
(Reuters) – The Keystone XL oil pipeline does not need to be made…

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