Dog with ears and nose chopped off likely a victim of dogfighting.


Baron, the rottweiler mix found abandoned and severely injured with both ears and his nose mutilated, was likely a victim of dogfighting.

Dogfighting is an absolutely disgusting and inhumane practice that is unfortunately still too common in our society. Not only are the dogs forced to hurt one another, the people who fight them will often harm the dogs themselves. While the people who did this to Baron still haven’t been caught, Baron’s horrific injuries point to what is likely dogfighting. They could be have been carried out on him as punishment for losing a fight or as a crude way of treating injuries he sustained from another dog. Because of the extent of his injuries, investigators assume more than one person must have been involved:

“I have a hard time believing that one person could hold the dog, cut off both ears, cut off his tail, injure his back legs and slice off…

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