A crocodile from the zoo of the Tunisian capital was killed with stones for Fun by visitors!


killed_crocodile.jpgAt the Belvedere Zoo, located in the center of Tunis (Tunisia), a crocodile was killed by visitors who threw stones near its eye.

A crocodile from the Tunisian capital’s zoo was killed by stones by visitors, the Tunisian municipality announced on Wednesday denouncing “wild behavior”. “A group of visitors to the zoo threw stones at the head of a crocodile, causing internal haemorrhage causing its death,” the municipality said in a statement on its Facebook page.

The crocodile was killed Tuesday in the late afternoon by two large stones that hit it near one eye, “Said Dr. Amor Ennaifer, veterinarian and head of the Belvedere Zoo. “It’s terrible.

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“People need to be aware of the need to respect animals”

The behavior of many visitors to the Belvedere Zoo, located in a large eponymous park in the center of Tunis, is regularly…

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