Ex-Hillary Volunteer Calls Military Widow Honored During Trump Speech An “Idiot” 

How low are these crybullies going to go!!!

2 comments on “Ex-Hillary Volunteer Calls Military Widow Honored During Trump Speech An “Idiot” 

  1. Hi! I appreciate the blog posts for animals. I bet you have a big heart!
    Now, as for the widow, I think it was to early for her to appear in public. Her life was just turned over. It was taken advantage of I think. Very American and a bit too much. However, calling her a idiot was really stupid. Shame on him! As I wrote, to early to be in public. I really hope she heals. And I hope she doesn’t get to see that post. “Sorry” doesn’t do it.
    Oh, and I’m Swedish. Not part of the politics even though I’m following.

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    • Thank you, I must admit I do have a soft spot for the animals and they all seem to know it, every stray in the neighborhood shows up at my door,the Blue Jays and squirrels knock on my back door for peanuts…. not to mention all the wildlife that shows up in my backyard every night to eat the bird seed, corn and my neighbor’s jokingly complain, that MY deer ate their plants….LOL

      I agree it was probably too much, she looked stunned, almost in shock when the attention was put on her, but hopefully it will help her to heal. But the Democrats sitting like lumps on a log when everyone else was clapping and him making that statement…. put the Democratic party so low they could walk under a snake’s belly standing up. I’m sure Sweden and every country around the world is following our crazy political circus!!

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