Tweet4Wolves-Stop H.J.Resolution 69


Please join our tweetstorm which begins February 27th at 10:00 a.m. eastern time.

For ease of tweeting followtheseinstructions: Close your twitter window(not account). Open this post on your browser. Tap “Tweet4Wolves” at the end of each message and your tweet will be automatically sent. Do not tweet from the facebook app!

1.Stop #HJResolution69 which sanctions #AnimalCruelty on wildlife refuges in #Alaska @lutherstrange @senshelbyTweet4Wolves

2. Stop #HJResolution69 and #SJResolution18 sanctioning #AnimalCruelty on our #PublicLands in #Alaska Wildlife Refuges@lutherstrange @senshelbyTweet4Wolves

3. Protecting #wildlife from inhumane cruelty is not a partisan issue, it is a human one.Stop #HJResolution69

4. Stop #HJResolution69 sanctioning #AnimalCruelty on our #PublicLands in #Alaska @SenateDems @SenateGOP

5. #HJResolution69 would undo a measure that protects #wolves and #bears from cruel tactics in #Alaska @lutherstrange @senshelby Tweet4Wolves

6. Alaskans support wildlife mgmt on federal lands based on sound science…

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