Police Use Numbers and Brute Force Against Individuals at North Dakota Standing Rock Camp, Injuring Them; Why Did Gov Scott Walker Send Wisconsin Troops as Backup?

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Clearly these thugs, half in riot gear with helmets, are not trained in policing but rather seem think it’s a football game and tackled independent media who did not have helmets. If it takes so many police to take down one unarmed individual – and in the process they injured the person (Eric Poemz) and possibly broke Eric’s hip, even though there was thick mud – then they are not properly trained as law enforcement officials

The unknown speaker in the Eric Poemz video, apparently an American Indian, asks a policeman to put down his badge, says something like I see you’ve got a heart and soul and look like a very prayerful man… be honorable and set down your badge right now in front of 6,100 people (watching livestream) and then the police charged. Eric Poemz video: http://youtu.be/eFWeJ7iWEUs

Eric Poemz video screen shot from video
Eric Poemz video screen shot from video (See above and Facebook…

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Petition · Greenwich Council: Allow the Continued Fostering of Abandoned and Unwanted Cats at Howarth Rd · Change.org

Please sign the petition only 32 more signatures needed!


Petition · Make it illegal to hit an animal and leave it suffering on the side of the road. · Change.org


Petition · Please, stop immediately the brutal slaughtering of dogs in China · Change.org


Did You Know Obama’s Immigration Raids Closed Restaurants BEFORE the Election?

What Did You Say?

waving flagBy Dave Jolly February 20, 2017

immigration arrests

The liberal mainstream media is having a field day reporting about the few illegal aliens being arrested for deportation. They talk about how terrible Trump is by breaking up families and threatening businesses. Every day, the news is filled with images and interviews with protesters and illegals. The reports are given in such a way as to vilify President Donald Trump and make him to be some unfeeling, cold-hearted bigoted hater.enemedia

Last week, the same liberal mainstream media made a spectacle of a nationwide liberal protest called ‘Day Without Immigrants.’It’s a clear example of how biased the liberal news is because nothing Trump has done even suggests that he’s against legal immigrants.

Thousands of American citizens, legal and illegal immigrants walked off their jobs and out of classrooms all across the nation in protest against Trump…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Canned lion hunts an example of human cruelty

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


Photo by Dave Richards. See his website at onsafari.co.ke/

“When I get over on the other side, I shall use my influence to have the human race drowned again, and this time drowned good, no omissions, no ark.” — Mark Twain, “On the Damned Human Race”

There will be no God’s mandate for an ark this time. Man is taking the rest of life out with him. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are giving what Chris Hedges calls a “Christianized fascist” push to planetary extinction and climate chaos.

Man’s dominion turned domination of other animals is a Christian perversion. One can choose what one wants from the Bible. My hunter neighbor tells me, “There are animal sacrifices in the Bible — we are supposed to kill them.”

Most religions do make man the center of the universe.

Driving into Madison early on a Saturday morning, I listened to…

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A Frog That Fits On Your Thumbnail


Natural History Wanderings

The BBC  reports

Four new frogs so tiny that they can sit on a thumbnail have been discovered in the forests of India.Among the smallest frogs in the world, they live on the forest floor and make insect-like calls at night.Three larger species were also found, bringing to seven the number of night frogs discovered in the Western Ghats.

Read full story at Meet the frog that can sit on a thumbnail – BBC News

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More than 200 anti-Trump demonstrators have been charged with rioting over Inauguration Day protests



Photo post by @arlinreport.


Think of Standing Rock Today #WaterIsLife

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Think of Standing Rock Water Protectors Today

Standing Rock
Wherever YOU be
When YOU wash your face and hands think of Standing Rock
When YOU bathe your children think of Standing Rock
When YOU clean your food think of Standing Rock
While YOU go about Your day think of Standing Rock
When YOU drink water today think of Standing Rock
When YOU flush your toilet today think of Standing Rock
When YOU shower today think of Standing Rock
When YOU make coffee today think of Standing Rock
When YOU wash clothes today think of Standing Rock
When YOU drink tea today think of Standing Rock
When YOU turn on a hose today think of Standing Rock
When YOU see the sky today think of Standing Rock
When YOU walk on the Earth think of Standing Rock
When YOU are kissed by…

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The Case Against H.J.Resolution 69

Contact Your U.S. Senators | Nay on H.J.Res. 69

Live Feed: Riot Police And Humvees Move In To Remove Last Remaining Standing Rock Protesters