Punish Children’s Band That Allegedly Slaughtered Goat

Members from the band The Blue Lions allegedly filmed themselves decapitating an innocent goat. Men can be heard chanting in the video as they hold the poor animal down and gruesomely cut its head off. Sign this petition to demand that these people be punished for this disgusting act of animal cruelty.

Source: Punish Children’s Band That Allegedly Slaughtered Goat

Don’t Host Circus That Uses Barbaric Animal Stunts

A traveling U.S. circus still uses tigers, elephants, and other animals in its show, forcing them to perform completely unnatural acts as a crude form of entertainment. Demand that one of the circus’s most prominent hosts on its ongoing tour refuse to do business with this circus.

Source: Don’t Host Circus That Uses Barbaric Animal Stunts

Dog Hung From Ceiling With Mouth and Paws Taped Together – Abuser Must be Found


A dog’s mouth and paws were taped closed and he was hung from the ceiling in a video posted to social media. The perpetrator of this crime is still at-large and free to continue torturing his dog, if it is still alive. Demand officials mount an urgent search to find and prosecute this abuser before it is too late.

Source: Dog Hung From Ceiling With Mouth and Paws Taped Together – Abuser Must be Found

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked in Cages and Drowned

Several dogs drowned after they were allegedly locked in their cages during a flood. The surviving dogs were in poor condition and could not walk on their own. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked in Cages and Drowned

Famous Designer Must Stop Using Fur

Animals held on fur farms are often exploited, neglected and abused, but this hasn’t stopped a famous designer from continuing to use fur on its products. Sign this petition and demand that Michael Kors stop supporting the cruel fur trade and no longer use fur on its products.

Source: Famous Designer Must Stop Using Fur

Hundreds of Allegedly Severely Neglected Animals Deserve Justice

Over 400 animals were allegedly found living in inhumane conditions, with multiple dead animals also being found on the property. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Source: Hundreds of Allegedly Severely Neglected Animals Deserve Justice

Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Convicted animal abusers could soon be prevented from owning animals thanks to a proposed new bill. The bill would create a registry of convicted animal abusers and sanction all pet stores, breeders, and shelters who provide pets to them. Demand that the Florida House of Representatives pass this important bill.

Source: Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged Behind Motorized Scooter

A dog was reportedly dragged behind a motorized scooter for over two blocks. Shocking video footage shows the dog lying on its side and struggling to keep up. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged Behind Motorized Scooter

Cat Swung By Tail and Slammed Into Ground Needs Justice

A cat was swung around by the tail and brutally slammed into the ground. The poor animal’s tail and part of its spine were ripped off. Demand justice now.

Source: Cat Swung By Tail and Slammed Into Ground Needs Justice

New Mexico’s A Step Closer To Banning Coyote Killing Contests | Care2 Causes

Petition at Bottom. Please Sign….Let’s make this happen!


ISIS Suicide Bomber Identified As Former Guantanamo Detainee

The Hypocrites….

Obama’s Domestic Terrorism Manual Vows To Overthrow Trump

Nwo Report

Obama published domestic terrorism manual in order to overthrow TrumpBarack Obama is behind a domestic terrorism manual being used by tens of thousands of agitators that aims to ‘overthrow the Trump presidency’. 

Organizing for Action (OFA), was founded by Obama and has recently published a new training manual that advocates violently bullying lawmakers to undermine and oust President Trump.

Nypost.com reports:

In a new Facebook post, OFA calls on activists to mobilize against Republicans from now until Feb. 26, when “representatives are going to be in their home districts.”

The protesters disrupted town halls earlier this month, including one held in Utah by House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who was confronted by hundreds of angry demonstrators claiming to be his constituents.

The manual, published with OFA partner “Indivisible,” advises protesters to go into halls quietly so as not to raise alarms, and “grab seats at the front of the room but do not all sit together.” Rather, spread…

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New Poll Finds That 80% Of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities

DHS issues new deportation rules after Barack Obama’s immigration Executive Order

America's Watchtower

 It is only natural that after Barack Obama issued his illegal immigration/amnesty Proclamation that the Department of Homeland Security would have to release new rules concerning illegal immigration and deportation and that is exactly what the agency has done.

  Here is more:

The Department of Homeland Security has just released new “Policies for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants.” Designed to fill in the details after President Obama’s announcement that at least four million currently illegal immigrants will be given work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation, the DHS guidelines are instructions for the nation’s immigration and border security officers as they administer the president’s directive.

  First the good news, if you believe these rules will be enforced that is:

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Undocumented immigrant drunk driver kills father of two



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