Media Silent As Mystery Illness Plagues Residents One Year After Historic US Gas Leak

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Submitted by Carey Wedler via,

A year after the largest methane leak in U.S. history was sealed in Porter Ranch, California, residents are continuing to experience significant adverse health consequences. As SoCalGas – the company responsible for the blowout – uses fabricated gas shortages to justify reopening the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, which has been shut down indefinitely since the leak occurred, a local doctor is now speaking out.

Dr. Jeffrey Nordella has been treating Porter Ranch residentssince the blowout of an underground methane storage well caused tons of methane gas tospewingthe atmosphere in October 2015. A total of 5 billion cubic feet of methane was released into the atmosphere from October 23 to February 18, ?or enough pollution to match the annual output of nearly 600,000 cars,? The Guardiannoted shortly after it was sealed.

Though the leak was sealed last…

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