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Trump Executive Order on Dakota Access (Bakken) Pipeline Violates Law and Tribal Treaties (But ETP Stock Value Up 4.31 % Today with Trading Increased!)

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To know what’s going on in a timely manner apparently one must look at Donald Trump’s personal tweets. Is this legal? It was then retweeted almost one hour later, though when we first looked for this at the White House tweet screen it was blank.
Donald Trump tweet retweeted by Whitehouse gov
Sanders Senate gov DAPL
Bernie Sanders’ and team were quick to respond (click to enlarge).
Sadly, this is in keeping with the roots of Trump family fortune which was created by building a hotel for western gold miners. Grandfather Trump went home to Germany with his wealth to marry. The German government stripped him of his citizenship because he was considered a draft-dodger. Thus, the family unwillingly returned to NYC. The Trump’s have never taken American born wives either, with the one exception of when Donald apparently had a mid-life-affair with an American, around the time of the 1988 Real Estate crash, and who he subsequently married. He…

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Stop Dams From Leaking Oil Into Columbia River

Dam operators must switch to eco-friendly oils in order to stop harmful substances from leaking into waterways thanks to a new ruling. Despite this ruling, they will be allowed to drag their feet while searching for alternatives. Demand that a timeline is set to remove pollutants from our rivers.

Source: Stop Dams From Leaking Oil Into Columbia River

US Private Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage Facility Comment by 27 Jan. 2017 11.59 PM ET(NY-DC), i.e. One Minute Till Midnight

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This Private Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage Facility, i.e. Parking lot for high level nuclear waste, comment deadline is even more important since Doug Kimmelman, owner of private nuclear waste company EnergySolutions, was a Trump fundraiser and a large Trump donor ($285,000 to $335,000). EnergySolutions is trying to take-over its main competitor WCS, in clear violation of US Anti-Trust law and is being sued by the US government.

Private Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage Facility Comment by Friday, 27 Jan. 2017, 11.59 PM Eastern Time(NY-Boston-DC-Atlanta, Miami, etc.) This is one minute till midnight; one minute till Saturday. Comment here: Due Jan 27 2017, at 11:59 PM ET. ID: DOE_FRDOC_0001-3256. It is quick, painless, and can still be anonymous. It is important simply to have it in the record that there was opposition. If the current administration deletes the record, God will presumably still have it. You should also share…

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World Bank Put On Notice: Do Not Jeopardizes Farmers’ Right to Seeds, Food Security | Global Justice Ecology Project

World Bank Put On Notice: Do Not Jeopardizes Farmers’ Right to Seeds, Food Security

Ahead of World Bank’s release of the 2017 “Enabling the Business of Agriculture” (EBA) report this month, 157 organizations and academics from around the world denounce the Bank’s scheme to hijack farmers’ right to seeds, attack on food sovereignty and the environment.

Global Justice Ecology Project believes it’s critical that environmental protection groups respond to the World Bank when it tries to regulate the autonomy and biodiversity of local farmers from around the globe.

The World Bank’s corruption is endless. As a bully of developing nations and a friend to multi-national corporations it should be dismantled so peoples everywhere can regulate themselves.
From the Civil Societies letter calling on the World Bank to end the Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA):

While the EBA reforms will not benefit the majority of farmers, they will increase the profits of a handful of private companies. Only six multinationals currently control over two-thirds of the industrial seed market, and pending agroindustry mergers stand to further consolidate this oligopoly.4 The concentration of the global seed market has a significant impact on seed prices5 as well as seed diversity. Replacing farmers’ seeds with a few uniform industrial varieties contributes to the rapid erosion of global agro-biodiversity, which is crucial to address the climate crisis.

In the letter, the group demands the immediate end of the project, originally requested by the G8 to support its industry-co-opted New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

“The EBA dictates so-called ‘good practices’ to regulate agriculture and scores countries on how well they implement its prescriptions,” said Frederic Mousseau, Policy Director at the Oakland Institute. “But the EBA has become the latest tool, to push pro-corporate agricultural policies, notably in the seed sector—where it promotes industrial seeds, that benefit a handful of agrochemical companies,” he continued.

Only six multinationals currently control over two-thirds of the industrial seed sales, and pending agro-industry mergers stand to further consolidate this oligopoly. Further market expansion for these corporations depends on the shrinking of farmer-managed seed systems, which currently provide 80 to 90 percent of the seed supply in developing countries through on-farm seed saving and farmer-to-farmer seed exchange.

A new report, Down On the Seed, the World Bank Enables Corporate Takeover of Seeds, exposes that while the World Bank claims to promote “smart and balanced policies,” its EBA index blatantly ignores farmer-managed seed systems. Instead, it reinforces the stranglehold of agrochemical companies and Western nations by pushing for intellectual property rights in agriculture, so that private breeders profiteer from the use of their seeds by farmers.

The EBA also awards the best scores to countries that ease private companies—not the farmers—access to public gene banks. In addition, the Bank recommends that governments reduce the time and cost necessary to register industrial seeds, with the private sector as the predominant force on the national committees that oversee the introduction of new varieties.

“The EBA reforms aim to foster the privatization of seed systems, regardless of the consequences for farmers and the planet,” said Alice Martin-Prevel, author of the report, Down on the Seed. “The reduction of farmers as passive consumers of industrial seeds undermines their contribution to agro-biodiversity, which is crucial to mitigate pests, disease, and the effects of climate change. It also disempowers farmers, while failing to protect them in increasingly concentrated markets.”

In its 2016 EBA report, the World Bank upheld Tanzania as a model country for enacting intellectual property laws in agriculture, and becoming the first least-developed nation bound by the 1991 UPOV Convention. UPOV is a pro-industry treaty that dramatically restricts farmers’ rights to save, exchange, and sell seeds. Under Tanzania’s seed laws, farmers now risk fines and imprisonment for practicing ancestral seed saving and trading, and are being forced to rely on industrial varieties.

“The Bank, behind closed doors, convinces governments to implement reforms based on the EBA scores, thereby bypassing farmers and citizens’ engagement,” said Mousseau. “The signatories to the petition are demanding an end of the EBA as a step to enable the full participation of farmers and rural communities in agricultural policymaking. This participation is essential for development to be inclusive and to tackle the challenge of food insecurity and rural poverty around the world.”


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Still Time to Stop Rex Tillerson: US Senate Vote Next Week; Things to Know About Putin’s Friend, Former Exxon CEO Tillerson

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Still Time to Stop Tillerson-Exxon-Russia! Rex Tillerson Vote will probably go to Senate next week (maybe sooner?). Contact your Senators info here: Sign Greenpeace petition here:
Tillerson Partnering with Putin for Oil zoom
Tillerson: Exxon Profits Ahead of US Interests, zoom
No one has really explained yet how Exxon is still active as operator and partial owner of the Sakhalin Project in Russia, despite the sanctions, in clear violation of the intent of the sanctions against Russia. Whether or not it is legal remains unknown, whatever Tillerson’s claims. The $17,701 that ExxonMobil gave Rubio appears to have served them well to get it out of committee 11 to 10. They threw McCain $10,000 to help him love Putin and forget his fears of Russia:

From Greenpeace:
Infographic: 4 Things You Need to Know About Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson by Tina Solin January 11, 2017

The Exxon CEO testified today in front of the Senate that the science of climate…

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BREAKING: Trump Approves Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines | Global Justice Ecology Project

BREAKING: Trump Approves Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines
Posted on January 24, 2017 by Anne Petermann

With the stroke of a pen, Donald Trump moments ago signed executive orders to pave the way for completion of the massively contested Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines.
In response to Trumps executive orders – a statement the Indigenous Environmental Network just put out:

“These actions by President Trump are insane and extreme, and nothing short of attacks on our ancestral homelands as Indigenous peoples.

The executive orders demonstrate that this administration is more than willing to violate federal law that is meant to protect Indigenous rights, human rights, the environment and the overall safety of communities for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry.

These attacks will not be ignored, our resistance is stronger now than ever before and we are prepared to push back at any reckless decision made by this administration.” #NoDAPL

Time to ramp up our resistance now that the Empire has been unmasked!

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Protect Northwest Forests for Spotted Owl – American Bird Conservancy

Petition – Eagle Rule – American Bird Conservancy

Petition – Time to End Bird Deaths in Pipes – American Bird Conservancy

Help Protect Seabirds! – American Bird Conservancy

American Bird Conservancy’s “Together for Birds” Petition – American Bird Conservancy;jsessionid=115A5FE499745A80BE0A2A61FDC5F149.app203a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=290 | Defend the Amazon Reef

Urge Officials to Keep Animals Out of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi! | Take Action | – 1

Petition · Don’t turn a famous Revolutionary War site into an IHOP restaurant ·

Film Producer Speaks Out about Animal Cruelty on Set of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and Where to Go from Here

Since the producer of the now-controversial film ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is an animal lover, animal advocate and ethically-inspired vegan, we thought our visitors and readers would want…

Source: Film Producer Speaks Out about Animal Cruelty on Set of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and Where to Go from Here

The Cherokee Nation Is Entitled to a Delegate in Congress. But Will They Finally Send One? And the Choctaw too?

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Via Yes! Magazine:
Cherokee Indians Georgia Map
The Cherokee Nation Is Entitled to a Delegate in Congress. But Will They Finally Send One?

To deal with a Trump administration, the tribal nation might now want to use that 200-year-old treaty right.

By Tristan Ahtone posted Jan 04, 2017

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to occupy the Oval Office, much of Indian Country is bracing for the worst. But the U.S. Congress has an opportunity to welcome tribal nations to the table in a unique way: It can seat an Indian delegate.

Congress has an opportunity to welcome tribal nations to the table in a unique way.

For more than 200 years, the Cherokee Nation has held the right to send a nonvoting delegate to the House of Representatives, much like Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia. That right stems from treaties signed by the United States and the Cherokee Nation—treaties that are…

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England: Take IMMEDIATE Action To Stop Rabbit Farming In The EU Now – Very Important Vote Very Soon – Immediate Action Required.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

england euun0001




25th January is a crucial day for the animal welfare movement. Members of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee will be voting on a report that could pave the way for legislation to protect the welfare of Europe’s 320 million* farmed rabbits.

This vote is the best chance of securing new legislation for Europe’s farmed animals we have seen in over a decade, and we need to send a message loud and clear to the MEPs on the Committee to urge them to back the report and ensure Europe’s farmed rabbits are given the protection they need.


The vote in the Committee is vital, it is the first hurdle we have to overcome to get protection for rabbits in front of the full European Parliament for a vote in the spring. We’ll need your support ahead of that vote too, but for now, will you…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Pwetition – To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia



take-action-3  take-action-2

Petition link –



Decision makers

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Canton

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic

  • Djani Hasecic

lejla dedic 

Bosnian Gov    

There is a public shelter in Bosnia called zunovnica.


Here the dogs are thrown into overcrowded mixed pens, never cleaned, never fed, never watered. Live dogs lay next to half eaten corpses, previous victims of the corrupt and heartless city hall. Dogs are not caught by dog catchers to be taken to safety, they are brought here to rot, to be killed by other dogs, to starve, to suffer the most unimaginable death. Terrified, alone , neglected and abused. Here the dogs souls are broken and they…

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UK: Sir Roger Moore (James Bond) to Prime Minister: It’s Past Time to Ban Animal Circuses.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



SAV Comment:

In the year 2004 Mark was running a group called ‘North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW)’.  At this time, NKAW submitted a memorandum to the House of Commons – the UK Government; regarding their views on the use of wild animals in UK circuses.  Remember that even at this time (2004), around 85% of the British public were disgusted and opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses.

Here below is a copy of part of the submission to the British government that Mark made (under the name of NKAW) as a contribution to the Draft Animal Welfare Bill (for the United Kingdom) which was being constructed at the time.  This is now a formal UK document / law which applies in the UK.  Unfortunately, despite the massive call by the British public; and additional representations into formal government draft documentation such as the draft animal welfare…

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 Petition – Don’t Let Trump Kill Climate Progress – The Us Campaign

“Bubbles” The Old Horse No One Wanted Gets Showered With Gifts

His name is Bubbles and he’s so loved now.
An old horse went from being an animal no one wanted to a happy horse with a name — Bubbles — and totally spoiled with gifts.
In December, Bubbles found himself at a Texas “kill lot” — the last place horses like him get a chance to be rescued before heading to Mexico for slaughter.
“Oftentimes, the horses or donkeys are old, or the owners lost their property, or the owners passed away or simply are unable to care for them and they are sold to auction,” Sarah McGregor, a spokesperson for Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue (BHHR) in Frisco, Texas, told The Dodo at the time. “If they are not bought at auction by people or other farms, the slaughter pipeline will buy up all of the animals and resell them.”

It seemed that no one was willing to rescue him, so he realized he would simply have to save his own life.

Bubbles spotted a group of people from BHHR who were there to rescue some mini donkeys — so he decided to tag along.

“This skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, past the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees,” BHHR wrote. “He was intent that this was his ride out of there … There was just no way we could leave him behind!”
Since then, Bubbles has been making friends and loving his new home. And people — at the sanctuary and all over the world — seem to love him right back.

Soon after the story of Bubbles rescuing himself came out, the old horse started receiving fan mail.

And it just kept coming.

“We did a post with our Amazon wish list,” Missy Smith, volunteer with Becky’s Hope, told The Dodo. “People love Bubbles and they responded. We rarely get this many donations at once … Some of the envelopes were addressed to him. How cute is that?”

“The gifts came from all over the world,” Gina, another long-time volunteer, told The Dodo. “We are profoundly humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support Bubbles the rescue has received.”
“We are an all volunteer organization and have always been funded exclusively through donations,” Gina said. “We have many kill pen and auction intercept horses and donkeys here, and these kind donations benefit all of them.”

And it seems Bubbles is more than happy to share.

“Bubbles really is as sweet and smart as we say he is,” Smith said. “He’s a gentle wise old soul.”

To give to Bubbles, you can donate here or get your very own Bubbles t-shirt here. To follow Bubbles on Facebook, click here.

Protect Endangered Species From Republican Attack

Countless animals and plants are being threated with extinction by a Republican proposal to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Demand that this reckless anti-environmental proposal be stopped. If Republicans reject protections for endangered species, the voters will reject Republicans in the next election.

Source: Protect Endangered Species From Republican Attack

Petition: Don’t Let Trump Kill the Endangered Species Act

Petition: Don’t Let Trump Kill the Endangered Species Act

UniverSoul Is Heading to Florida—Urge Venue to Say No to Cruel Animal Acts!

Ask Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center management to insist that UniverSoul perform without animals or else cancel its appearance.

Source: UniverSoul Is Heading to Florida—Urge Venue to Say No to Cruel Animal Acts!

Petition: Ban the Sale & Trade of Shark Fin Products in the USA

Urge Officials to Keep Animals Out of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi!


Please urge officials in Abu Dhabi to ensure that SeaWorld is not allowed to set up shop unless it doesn’t hold any animals captive at its new park.

Source: Urge Officials to Keep Animals Out of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi!

Domino’s–We Want Vegan Pizza!


Please sign the petition asking Domino’s to offer vegan cheese and vegan meat toppings.

Source: Domino’s–We Want Vegan Pizza!

Urge Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Bears and Mountain Lions to Reputable Sanctuaries!


Speak up today and urge Spring River Park & Zoo to close its concrete pits and surrender the bears and mountain lions to reputable sanctuaries!

Source: Urge Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Bears and Mountain Lions to Reputable Sanctuaries!