Why You Should Care: Trump’s Order on the Border Wall

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR:  In the midst of the greatest mass extinction in Earth history, the U. S. government is stepping in to do even more to disrupt wildlife movements and put more pressure on survival.

Wall on the Mexico Border

“Wildlife and habitat are on the line because of impacts of the new administration’s immigration policy.

“Today, President Trump ordered the construction of a Mexican border wall — the first in a series of steps intended to crack down on immigration and bolster national security. The executive order to finish the remaining 1,000 miles will have a huge impact on biological unity, connectivity along the border, and habitat disruption.

“While being constructed to stop people from illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, the border wall actually does more to prevent wildlife – not humans – from migrating and connecting with different populations across vast natural southwestern habitats.

“Maintaining connected habitats is important for…

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2 comments on “Why You Should Care: Trump’s Order on the Border Wall

  1. That’s a good point about the wildlife movement.

    I noticed this article about Tigers. I hope it’s not on contaminated lands, but that’s the only greenery which will be left soon is contaminated land: http://www.rferl.org/a/kazakhstan-plan-to-restore-caspian-tiger-with-amur-tiger/28264963.html (Kazakhstan partially owns Westinghouse Nuclear and is a major uranium exporter and does other mining. I think it was the site of weapons testing too. It is huge.)

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