Black Lives Matter Stunned After MLK Relative Comes Forward…To Support Trump’s New Presidency

Nwo Report

Alveda C. KingSource: Alex Durig

On MLK Day, it is only fitting to announce to the world that Alveda C. King, esteemed niece of the honorable Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., is a Trump supporter all the way.

Every self-righteous liberal movement from Black Lives Matter to the cult of John Lewis worshippers is stunned, but this is only the beginning. This is important because Black Lives Matter has actively been promoting a revisionist history of MLK to make him appear prone to violence, with a hashtag campaign and everything – which is disgusting and almost impossible to believe. It’s like saying Gandhi really wanted be a serial killer.

Black Lives Matter

In a pre-MLK Day tweet, Alveda C. King responded to these misguided behaviors saying “Let’s discuss racism from a peace with justice perspective.” Alveda C. King is a deeply spiritual woman with a lot of class – she is her uncle’s niece.


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