Animal Abuse & Fatalities Leaked In Movies Like “A Dog’s Purpose” & “The Hobbit”

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In all honesty, I?m a huge fan of watching movies. Of course I prefer movies with conscious undertones, but I would generally watch any movie that had a cool plot and good reviews. However, if I knew what was going on behind the scenes, I?m sure I wouldn?t have watched (and raved about) some of the movies I?ve seen.

Upcoming Movie ?A Dog?s Purpose? Faces Animal Abuse Allegations

As a dog lover and strong believer in reincarnation, I was super excited for the film, ?A Dog?s Purpose,? to hit theatres. The trailer explores the past lives of an adorable dog that becomes incredibly attached to its owner, explaining that each and every one of us have a purpose here on Earth, which includes dogs. After dying, the dog reincarnates into another puppy who by fate ends up back in the hands of its original owner. You can watch the trailer here (and beware, it…

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