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‘Trump Assassination’ Weapons Cache Found In Washington D.C.?

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Weapons cache found in Washington D.C. believed to be part of a Trump assassination plotWashington D.C. police have found a cache of weapons in the Capitol just days before Trump’s inauguration, sparking fears that an assassination is being planned for January 20th. 

The discovery of a violin case containing two guns prompted police to uncover more guns and ammunition nearby. The discovery of these weapons comes just days after Russian intelligence officials warned of a plot by the U.S. deep state to assassinate the President-elect. reports:

U.S. Park Police and D.C. police Wednesday afternoon investigated the two areas where the weapons were found. Traffic on Canal Road near the boathouse had been stopped during the investigation but the road has reopened.

A woman walking along the canal late Wednesday morning saw some debris surrounding a violin case along the stone wall that lines the road, according to park police. When she opened the case, she found two guns inside, and she brought it to authorities…

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