The whole stats thing…

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scottbot statistics cartoon

The holiday stats went up and down, you read…or chose not to read… the end of year report from WordPress. You may have looked with longing at the likes/comments/followers of other blogs…or you may not actually give a hoot how anyone else is doing in comparison. Stats, after all, are notoriously inaccurate.

The rumour is that any views via the Reader don’t show in your page views. Nor will a reblogged or tweeted post that can be read in entirety on another site…or those who read in email and don’t have to visit… And then there are all the ‘likes’ on posts that were never actually read and the imported followers that come from other accounts and have never set a digital foot on your blog… There are even inconsistencies within the stats on your page, so chances are that if you do look, you take them with a large…

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